Who we are

Fifty Tales started out as a noodle bar in 2019 June. As we matured over the years, we have become not just a noodle bar, but a Malaysian Chinese restaurant, that has an eclectic of inspirations from different local Chinese dialects. Drawing from cultures of the different dialects such as Cantonese, Teow Chew and Hokkien, and sometimes Peranakan, we pay our respects to tradition, bringing it forward to the modern era. We truly believe in the diversity of our Malaysian cuisine, giving it the appreciation it deserves.


The Founders


Phua is the first founder of the restaurant. Phua’s reputation precedes him in the coffee industry. A National Barista Champion in 2019, and now turned chef restaurateur, Phua’s love for food and cooking has led him to this point, doing food that he loves to share with his supporters.

You will see him mixing drinks on the day, and in the kitchen cooking the next.


Trained in Melbourne, working in traditional Cantonese restaurants.

Specialising in dim sum and dumplings, Bimmy is masterful with his techniques in the cuisine.

At the same time, he will probably be the first person you meet in the restaurant as he is out an about, doing the serving.


Aaron Khor, coming from the fine dining scene, joined Phua and Bimmy during the infancy years of Fifty Tales, he is the head chef of the restaurant.

Aaron trained in various fine dining restaurants, learning the best trick of the trade. He is always trying to find a way to provoke diners, to make the experience memorable.

the Fifty Tales team


We are always looking for new members to join our #NotRamen crew. If you are

passionate about food, service and Malaysia, we would like to hear form you.

Email us at hundredbowls@gmail.com